Tuesday, October 1, 2013


I was trying to get some photos of more rooms for when we put our home on the market. Almost got some but the light was fading quickly and I'll try tomorrow.  I think many people start there house hunts online now days and I'm really hoping we can get some pictures that will find a buyer for this family home we have loved for many years.  Back with more bright pics soon I hope. 

Wishing you well.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Getting Her Ready...

...for the market.

She's been home for many years to our family.

There has been much fun and laughter in this big pool and yard.

We've just redone this pool to Pebble Tec and saltwater and I love it.

Guest room.

Hmmm, need to store my china. Do you use under beds for storage?

Master bedroom suite.  It looks a tad small in these pics but that's a king bed.

More master and on suite bath.

Love the view and neighbors.

Well there's a little peek. If you know anyone interested in a loved Phoenix, AZ home, 4 bed, 3 full baths, huge yard and pool, many updates, send them our way please.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Utah, Babes, Peaches

Another quickie trip to Utah. A precious grand to be named and blessed and kis and other grands to hug and kiss. Here's delightful Graham.  Dear A2K gave him as a middle name the same as this grandpa. How kind kids.

Many of the loving women in Graham's life.  I was glad to notice Javi's face by me. Good dog.

The men.
On the drive we stopped in Santaquin at The Red Barn hoping to get Utah peaches.

Our fortune.

The long drive is my opportunity to crochet.  This tri-colored blanket is for the next grand to be born in January. 

Home now and determined not to waste a peach. Blanching.

Cooling in an ice bath.

Peeled, pitted and sliced.

Ready for the freezer.  Maybe this will be a cobbler this winter.

Kitchen all cleaned up so on to the next chore and its a biggie. I'm cleaning out an old desk that has been a catch-all for waaaay too long.  Wishing you a happy day, msk

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remember Our Washer Accident???

Here we are in the middle of our HOT (just saying Cindy) AZ summer and it is finally coming to a resolution.

I am so very thankful for our dear family, mainly our 3 strong teenage grands that helped SLK and I clear out the family room of furnishings.  You can see the cut away carpet so the fans could get everything dried out.

Here's Hazel on the drier. Unfortunately we do not have a laundry room but just a little closet in the hallway.  The washer never shut off but just kept filling nonstop. Luckily I had my darling sisters visiting and one went downstairs (tri-level house) and found the flood.

There have been a few delays in getting product here in a timely manner plus installing delays.  
Here's the living room packed with the family room goods.

Packed right up to the entry and also into the dining room which I didn't picture.

Carpet installation almost completed. Getting their final vacuuming done.

Hallway.  Oh, the pile there...the bathroom flooring that was to have been installed the day before. Seems our original, probably 30ish year old toilets that look and function very well have rusted bolts and couldn't be removed for flooring install.  Trip to HD, 3 new toilets, arrrrgh, and a plumber AND floor installer coming tomorrow to finish. I'm hoping no more hitches or expense.

SLK wanted another vacuum job before our grands arrived to replace furniture. Again, SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR HELP YOU GREAT, STRONG GUYS!

Evening picture of completed job from upstairs in the kitchen looking down.

This situation has me evaluating all the stuff accumulated over 43 years of marriage and raising 6 fantastic kids. This morning I had 6 large kitchen bags full to donate to Deseret Industries that SLK hauled away. Oh my, that's just the tip of my iceberg.

Wishing you a happy, de-cluttering day.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello Sunshine

You may have heard of our states tragedy losing 19 hotshot firefighters yesterday. I'm adding my prayers for the families and loved-ones. This is such a huge sadness and loss.

On this summer day I decided to use all the sunshine and make herbal sun-tea.  I used Rooibos tea which is from the African Red Bush tree. No caffeine and full of antioxidants.

When I brought the brewed jar inside all amber and hot I stuck my instant-read thermometer in it. Yikes, it measured 130*. I then did a google search for the recommended temperature for a hot water tank. Are you ready...not to exceed 125*.

Yup, it's an Arizona summer.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Little Trip to Utah . . .

. . . so I could give love and kisses to this newest grand. Graham, welcome to our family. 

I was rather in love.

Grands playing in Millcreek Canyon. It was beautiful, cool and the s'mores were very enjoyed.

Love this father and son picture. 

Big brother with new brother. Such tenderness and love from all the kids for Graham.

I taught these cutie cousin/grands basic crocheting.  Learned very quickly and made necklaces repeatedly.

I got to take grands to swim practices and meets. I really get caught-up in the races and our three grands did very well.

Tennis practice for little P who proudly wore her crocheted necklaces and Coach requested one.
I'm so thankful that I hitched my ride with daughter Trevlyn who was taking her 3 boys to BYU campus for EFY . . . Especially For Youth. What a fantastic week they had and my heart is thrilled for them. 
Well I'm home to the heat and loving grands long distance.  I love being Grammy!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

KIRBY - A Loved Companion

I cannot omit sharing these pictures of such a fine dog.  
Boy or boy did this dog steal my heart and though he has now been gone 2 years, he still has my heart.
To love a dog (pet) is a tremendous blessing. 
To have a dog love you back is greater.
I am thankful.
I am missing you Kirby.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joys of Childhood

I searched online and found what I have longed for.  It arrived in this box.

Are any of you "oldies" like me and can remember this card game?  The game of Authors. Oh the hours spent playing this with my sisters and never realizing I was learning classic authors and their books.

Hello old friends! James  Fenimore Cooper, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain, William Makepeace Thackeray, Wm Shakespeare, Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry W. Longfellow, Sir Walter Scott, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Louisa May Alcott and Edgar Allan Poe.
 I wonder if I can con . . . persuade the grands into playing this with me??

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AZ Summer...

...and my plants.
I know, more flower stuff. Just move along if you can't take it. I know the ones that wanted this update.

I spent an hour this morning in the mid 90's moving pots around and reworking watering hoses and nozzles. Two pot contents are being totally pitched and all but one lobelia were dispatched. Still more to do but i needed to get indoors and cool off.

I've hauled several pots to the front porch which is north facing and they might...just might survive.

Gerbera's are pretty hardy but this one is doing better since it was moved last week.  There is still much filtered sun and ...just saying Cindy...plenty of HEAT.

I would never have thought this fern would thrive in AZ but it does and it pleases me.

Now I even have plants lining the right side steps. People wii just have to deal with it...for plants sake.  Good thing I have such wide steps.

What, this doesn't look like a poolside cabana to you...me neither. My redneck version with hanging swim towels to shade that Skippie gardenia, and a three year old geranium.  I'd love to have this survive again.  There's the one little patch of lobelia hanging on.

There was basically nothing growing along the back wall after our killer January freeze.  Look at this comeback sisters!

All of the Tropical Bird of Paradise plants made it...

...as did the Lantana.

You can't imagine my sadness when after the freeze this 8-10' bougainvillea was totally blackened. Not a single leaf survived. After all threat of frost was passed, Jody trimmed it WAY down. Well, look at her now.

No staging for a photo here. Little trees and others on the table for the summer-2 Norfolk pines, Jesse olive tree, Dori's Meyer lemon and what I call my Bonsai Rosemary along with the Christmas calla lilly. I'll just add I love my Black and Decker rechargeable, electric blower.  It's such a good size and weight for home use and believe me I use it almost daily.

I'm creating shade with these umbrellas. They work pretty well...until the monsoon winds arrive and then I'm running out and getting them under cover as they will blower over, knocking down everything in their path. It's not unusual to have them broken, in the pool and even in the neighbors backyard over our 6' fence.

Well, that's the update. Enjoy your summer with flowers thriving and BBQ ing where you don't melt. I'm just saying (-;


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