Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Utah, Babes, Peaches

Another quickie trip to Utah. A precious grand to be named and blessed and kis and other grands to hug and kiss. Here's delightful Graham.  Dear A2K gave him as a middle name the same as this grandpa. How kind kids.

Many of the loving women in Graham's life.  I was glad to notice Javi's face by me. Good dog.

The men.
On the drive we stopped in Santaquin at The Red Barn hoping to get Utah peaches.

Our fortune.

The long drive is my opportunity to crochet.  This tri-colored blanket is for the next grand to be born in January. 

Home now and determined not to waste a peach. Blanching.

Cooling in an ice bath.

Peeled, pitted and sliced.

Ready for the freezer.  Maybe this will be a cobbler this winter.

Kitchen all cleaned up so on to the next chore and its a biggie. I'm cleaning out an old desk that has been a catch-all for waaaay too long.  Wishing you a happy day, msk


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

How fun to catch up with you! The peaches look wonderful. We've been to that Red Barn - isn't it fun?
Beautiful new baby, such a blessing...You look so thin-what have you been doing?
Happy Day!

RoeH said...

Babies! Gotta love them and their special days. And those peaches. I used to can them when I lived in Ogden and could get all the wonderful fruit so easily.

Julie Harward said...

Hi sweet are looking so pretty here! Beautiful family and blessed times for sure. I ought to do that with peaches, I got so sick and burnt out with bottling! Thanks for the visit...and I have gotten to be a slow blogger!

the conleys said...

LOVE sweet baby, graham.

LOVE that you and dad were in town and we got to see you.

LOVE that beautiful quilt, thank you!

LOVE those yummy peaches, thank you!

LOVE you!

Trevlyn said...

What beautiful family time! Loved living vicariously through your great photos! The blanket is just fabulous!


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