Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remember Our Washer Accident???

Here we are in the middle of our HOT (just saying Cindy) AZ summer and it is finally coming to a resolution.

I am so very thankful for our dear family, mainly our 3 strong teenage grands that helped SLK and I clear out the family room of furnishings.  You can see the cut away carpet so the fans could get everything dried out.

Here's Hazel on the drier. Unfortunately we do not have a laundry room but just a little closet in the hallway.  The washer never shut off but just kept filling nonstop. Luckily I had my darling sisters visiting and one went downstairs (tri-level house) and found the flood.

There have been a few delays in getting product here in a timely manner plus installing delays.  
Here's the living room packed with the family room goods.

Packed right up to the entry and also into the dining room which I didn't picture.

Carpet installation almost completed. Getting their final vacuuming done.

Hallway.  Oh, the pile there...the bathroom flooring that was to have been installed the day before. Seems our original, probably 30ish year old toilets that look and function very well have rusted bolts and couldn't be removed for flooring install.  Trip to HD, 3 new toilets, arrrrgh, and a plumber AND floor installer coming tomorrow to finish. I'm hoping no more hitches or expense.

SLK wanted another vacuum job before our grands arrived to replace furniture. Again, SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR HELP YOU GREAT, STRONG GUYS!

Evening picture of completed job from upstairs in the kitchen looking down.

This situation has me evaluating all the stuff accumulated over 43 years of marriage and raising 6 fantastic kids. This morning I had 6 large kitchen bags full to donate to Deseret Industries that SLK hauled away. Oh my, that's just the tip of my iceberg.

Wishing you a happy, de-cluttering day.


Anonymous said...

what a pain -- and the living room does indeed look cozy and inviting..
Nice choice on the carpet..

Trevlyn said...

Just keep swimming.... (:

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, boy....disruptive for sure...but, looks absolutely beautiful after all your hard work...probably a good thing it is hot - to dry everything out...well, maybe's been bad - hee hee..happy day to you!


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