Wednesday, June 12, 2013

AZ Summer...

...and my plants.
I know, more flower stuff. Just move along if you can't take it. I know the ones that wanted this update.

I spent an hour this morning in the mid 90's moving pots around and reworking watering hoses and nozzles. Two pot contents are being totally pitched and all but one lobelia were dispatched. Still more to do but i needed to get indoors and cool off.

I've hauled several pots to the front porch which is north facing and they might...just might survive.

Gerbera's are pretty hardy but this one is doing better since it was moved last week.  There is still much filtered sun and ...just saying Cindy...plenty of HEAT.

I would never have thought this fern would thrive in AZ but it does and it pleases me.

Now I even have plants lining the right side steps. People wii just have to deal with it...for plants sake.  Good thing I have such wide steps.

What, this doesn't look like a poolside cabana to neither. My redneck version with hanging swim towels to shade that Skippie gardenia, and a three year old geranium.  I'd love to have this survive again.  There's the one little patch of lobelia hanging on.

There was basically nothing growing along the back wall after our killer January freeze.  Look at this comeback sisters!

All of the Tropical Bird of Paradise plants made it... did the Lantana.

You can't imagine my sadness when after the freeze this 8-10' bougainvillea was totally blackened. Not a single leaf survived. After all threat of frost was passed, Jody trimmed it WAY down. Well, look at her now.

No staging for a photo here. Little trees and others on the table for the summer-2 Norfolk pines, Jesse olive tree, Dori's Meyer lemon and what I call my Bonsai Rosemary along with the Christmas calla lilly. I'll just add I love my Black and Decker rechargeable, electric blower.  It's such a good size and weight for home use and believe me I use it almost daily.

I'm creating shade with these umbrellas. They work pretty well...until the monsoon winds arrive and then I'm running out and getting them under cover as they will blower over, knocking down everything in their path. It's not unusual to have them broken, in the pool and even in the neighbors backyard over our 6' fence.

Well, that's the update. Enjoy your summer with flowers thriving and BBQ ing where you don't melt. I'm just saying (-;


RoeH said...

What a pretty yard. Isn't nature resilient? Every bit of my sweet potato vine froze out during that freeze and you should see it now. Everywhere. The lantana took a beating but I finally cut it all down and voila! She's back.

Cindy said...

YAYYY!! Thank you, I know that was
partly for me. Everything looks beautiful in spite of the trying weather. Love the bird of paradise, lantana and boug. We have cold, gray, and rainy day--may get to the low 60's---"just sayin'".
Love you lots, sister Cin

Julie Harward said...

That is so amazing that in such heat you mother a garden into beautiful...I love that big old fern! It was 105 here in St. George today, the roses are slowing down a bit, I am loving the hot weather! :)

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, love it. I think pots along the stairs are fabulous! Keep up the good work - in 112....sorry..
Happy day!

jody said...

Planted flowers I stated from seed today. Moved my perenial flowers to the back side yard, and pulled up alot of shasta daisy plants from last year seeds. Just to big and blocking other flowers I like better. Didn't even break a sweat today! Life is good in Oregon! Hugs


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