Monday, March 4, 2013

Feeling Thankful

Recently I started reading a blog titled 
 I am a believer in emergency food storage and preparation.  No, I'm not a "Prepper" like I see on television shows.  I do have extra food stored for an emergency and just like my grandmothers would have had in a pantry or basement cellar to use on a regular basis.  I actually remember well my Grandma Pearls chilly and dank cellar and I only went there once. I can still see Grandpa bowing his head so the low beams didn't bonk him and those spider webs.  The webs kept me from return trips.

 This is Misty who blogs at Your Own Home Store.
I've liked her organization and encouragement to put aside some basics in case of an emergency.
She does it in a way that doesn't break the bank either. I got brave and made a comment on her blog and I won the weekly drawing of $50.00 of Shelf Reliance, freeze dried product.  I like knowing this has approximately a 25 year shelf life unopened.  Here's the link with my name way at the bottom.  It's a good blog post and I'd recommend a few minutes reading.  
Tell me, wouldn't you love knowing you had extra t.p.on hand for an emergency!!!  There are emergencies popping up all around and yet I think most of us have the idea it won't happen to us.  When I read of such emergencies the news always includes how the store shelves are empty in no time.  
What about a trucking strike.
Natural disaster that makes roads unusable.
Nothing would be coming into our stores under such circumstances.
Job layoff...comfort knowing you have supplies set aside.
Thank you Misty.  I'm excited about my Monterrey Jack cheese, 
sausage crumbles and diced ham to add to my storage.


Misty said...

Thank you MarySue! You are very kind! I'm glad to be able to add just a bit to your stores!

Dori Knight said...

WHAT? Nothing about your daughter's cute new blog? ;)


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