Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tomorrow May Rain So . . .

. . . I'll wash and hang the clothes out to dry today.
I would invite you to listen to the music below while reading.
 I bet you'll be smiling and humming as you listen to 
The Beatles 
(I can just hear Ed Sullivan saying their name) sing
I'll Follow The Sun

Not only are the clean clothes flapping in the wind (the wind that is bringing very cool temps tomorrow and a chance of rain) but my wind-chime  is serenading me splendidly.  I love AZ winters!
 Do you remember when I told you I planted my narcissus' way too late for Christmas blooms?  I was thinking in their little red pots they would look great for Valentines . . . yup, that's just how it happened too.  Oh their fragrance is just grand when I walk up the steps.  Pictures taken after the morning watering.

I LOVE the blue and white pottery peaking at you on the steps. 
 I'll never stop loving blue and white.

 Right above the narcissus is this tree that shades the front steps and makes it possible for plants to survive the AZ summer scorching.  It's leafing out and so lacy against a mostly blue sky.

The volunteers are back . . . bless their little hearts . . . I love that phrase I heard my grandma and aunts say so often when I was a little girl.  Funny things is I love saying it now.
Hello African daisies. 
 Let me know if you want some seeds to scatter and when harvesting their seed time is here I'll get them to you.

Shades of yellow, orange and sometimes apricot.  
Apricot is my favorite.
Now, here's the funny part of my story.  Wednesday is my personal laundry-day.  When all 6 kiddos were still at home and usually one or two at a time in cloth diapers, everyday was laundry day except the Sabbath. Well, I usually get it all done on one day now.  I noticed the weather forecasters say tomorrow may rain so I gathered up the duds and did the wash this morning . . . totally forgetting that we had a repairman come  last week and I have a working clothes drier.  May sound silly to you but a really big deal to me after well over a year without!  I'll still just use it to give a 2 minute heat and fluff to the load and then put clothes on the line.  I've been GREEN before it was a term and practice we hear much of today.  And as I've said before, just what do you think is in that drier trap you clean out after each load???? The fabric of your clothes wearing away.
Okay, kick that soapbox out from under me.
Wishing you all a . . .


RoeH said...

I would much rather hang out clothes that ever use the drier. I'm an old fashioned washer woman! And yes! I want some flower seeds. I'm always trying to find something that will not die. I was having a good time with sweet potato ivy and it looked so pretty in my front yard. And then the freeze came and killed it. I don't know how much to cut off in which to save it. May have to start over. I'm waiting for the rain with much anticipation. :)

Anonymous said...

Been hanging out our clothes fro a long time and I am still doing it here -- my laundry day is Thursday so I am hoping it's a sunny day if not them Friday will dew or Saturday since it's just my sweetheart and I.
Love your entry walk to your front door - awe love these flowers in your yard!!!


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