Saturday, March 9, 2013

Orange I Glad

 Oh the joy when family comes to town...and I'm going to be joyful from now until early May.  Actually, I think I'm joyful almost all the time and this is just extra JOY.  Linny's in town after almost 2 years away.  Of course we go up to Utah and see her and Jared and the rest of the Utah gang but coming home is so good.  We added Trevlyn so I was off with 2 daughters for a fun Phoenix trip.  Trevlyn recommended lunch at Le Grande Orange.  Oh that was a hit!

 It's funny to me that it is actually in my old neighborhood of Arcadia. It was the perfect day to stroll the isles,

 order lunch,

 I got the kale and quinoa salad, recipe here,  and we ate outside.  Perfect company and weather.  We cruised by 2 homes I lived in as a girl, Tavan Elementary School where I graduated from 8th grade a tad while ago and while going up or down a street found in front of a home a wheel barrow full of oranges with a FREE sign attached (sorry I already deleted that picture). What a gracious thing for people to share their excess produce.  We helped ourselves, Linny called out thank you,  and then I juiced and enjoyed.  What a good smelling mess I made but so worthwhile.

Wishing you a happy day, msk

4 comments: said...

love to try out the le Grande Orange
I'll have to google it..
Look good what you ate..

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What! You went to LGO without me? We love getting salad and a pizza. :)

Trevlyn said...

Great day! Can't wait to do it again...with all us girls!

the conleys said...

LOVED lgo!!! let's make that a regular stop.

and thanks for the amazing orange juice :)

love love love.


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