Monday, February 11, 2013

Glass, glass, glorious glass

 A short time back we went to dinner at an Italian restaurant.  Instead of a water pitcher we were presented with water bottles like the above only without labels and filled with only water.  I'm always the "camel" at the table and can out-drink all the rest of the family so I was delighted that we had water left with us.  Daughter Trevlyn and I loved the bottles and commented on how nice they were.  I came home and did an online search to see if I could purchase some of those bottles.  About the time I found a place to purchase them I remembered...light bulb moment...
that I had the bottles already in storage and filled with lemonish, fruity beverage.  

A favorite market was bought-out by another and the old labeled products were at a deep, deep discount.  I had 4 bottles now.  I've also saved some of our Christmas Martinelli's bottles. 
Look out picnic in the backyard and bottle waters on the table.

 I'm often tempted to buy a product especially if it is in a glass bottle.  The grapefruit drink was good...bottle's washed and much as I store things and I could not pass up the little ketchup for 60 cents at the big W. I could see it storing buttons, or pins, or paper clips once empty.

It's okay, go ahead and laugh at me.  I'm used to it.


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

How fun is this!!!! I'm going to start saving bottles-I love the idea of having them for pic-nics in summer...
Hope you are having a great evening...

Anonymous said...

totally fun -- I like to drink from a plastic cups they have to be glass and so I love glass cups and bottles too.. these are very unique bottles you have...I am in love with them - wink!


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