Friday, February 1, 2013

Utah Trip Photos

 Here are my 3,
 correction 4 buddies I was with while A2K were in Costa Rica. 
3 "grands" and 1 very large Newfoundland Javi.
We were a good team if I do say so myself.

Walking P home from kindergarten when the snow was really hitting us.

Javi would wait for her kids to come home daily and also keep an eye on anything out of the usual. 
 I really felt so safe there with her as our watch-dog.

Our "team" grew with the arrival of more family.  Jesse came in from NM.  After he and dear family have been in either Georgia or Pennsylvania for the last 10+ years it is an extreme delight to have him/them in the West.

The grands made me feel so very loved but when I started getting questions repeatedly of when Uncle Jesse would be there, will he stay with us I knew how excited they were to be with him too. Our time last summer at the family reunion was a very bonding time for so many of us.

More of the team, Aunt Linny and P had a baking time together and we all enjoyed the treats. 
 Love those Pinterest ideas Linny! It was good to have her with us when work allowed.

Team Aunt Dori, Tia Dori, came with eye drops that P needed.  
Much bravery the first night but not so much after that but the eye cleared up. Dori also baked and brought laughter and was such a trooper as she was recovering from surgery.

Uncle Jared, Linny and Jesse.  Not fair to put this picture on since it was about 2 a.m. and Jesse had helmet-hair from snowboarding all day.  It was the only time Linny and Jesse could get together due to her whacky work schedule so of course we all stayed up late to be together with lots of love and laughter.  Seeing them together was such a blessing to me.  Even typing this now my heart swells with love and thankfulness for this memory.  I will visit it often for a really big smile. Great beard Jared!

Miss P questioned me about being able to "do" her hair and I assured her that her aunts Trevlyn, Dori and Linny gave me much practice and I'd do okay.  I loved being able to do girlie hair again.  What a special time she and I had together.  Often she would run out to show the brothers who always were so cute and supportive...over hair.

The weather was so, so cold for this AZ Grammy,
saw the sun 1 day in 10,
 the snow was almost non-stoppable . . .
and I loved it.
Thank you kiddos and grands for filling up my heart.
I miss you.
I love you.
You too Javi.


Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi MarySue, It sounds like you had fun. Aren't grandkids the best? I have five of my own.
xx, Sherry

Anonymous said...

so much snow -- wow but I could feel you have a grand time.. and love the photos of your dear ones..

Teresa said...

Happy Day....I think we must of been in Utah at the same time....tons of snow.
Happy Day

the conleys said...

We LOVED having you here!! Miss you so.


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