Tuesday, January 22, 2013

French Butter Bell

Yes, I'm struggling with this "new" blogging version and I have now put all my pictures on in reverse order.  Hmmm, let's see what I'll do.

I got this darling butter bell for Christmas.  I think Trevlyn and I saw it together while thrifting and I remember being rather animated over it and she surprised me with it.   My animation can be a little embarrassing at times but I like to think of myself as rather enthusiastic.  :-)
 Mine has the word butter on one side and beurre, French for butter, on the opposite side.
I'm a real maker of whole wheat bread, grinding the wheat and all that good stuff,  but I do love sourdough bread/toast and butter and I'm down to my last jar of home canned pear jam.

This online photo shows a pretty green one.  You just pack the bell with a stick of butter that is at room temperature and fill up the crock with about 1/3 c. cold water.  Put bell into crock and it creates an airtight fit.  I change the water about every third day.  It will be interesting to see how effective it is in Arizona's July and August...okay, September and part of October too.  

You can feel like a student again reading this, so scholarly. 
This white one is pretty but I'm ever so happy mine is blue.  
 Blue and I just go together.
Wishing you a happy day.


Anonymous said...

never heard of such a dish --that hold butter like this..butter bell umm now I'd like to find one..how fun..

the conleys said...

i've never heard of a butter bell either.. but it looks so awesome!!! i will definitely be keeping an eye out for one. so so sweet of trev to surprise you with it.

much love!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh I too will be interested to know if this works in the AZ heat!

abby said...

Butter bells have always intrigued me. Yours is darling. So my question is: will it soften my rock hard stick of butter in the winter? If so, I may need to invest!

P.S. Loved your comment. Thanks so much for saying hi!


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