Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Grammy's Home Again

Wow, a great time with grands and kiddos in Utah.  I think it was record setting snow and cold and for this AZ girl that was really something.  I hope to share snowy pics soon.  Love and huge thanks to you sweethearts that were so loving and giving to me.  Much appreciation.  

Oh, and what does that have to do with good ole Huey Lewis??? Nothing really.
As a 64 year old grammy, with silver hair mixed in with the dark brown and wrinkles that prove I laugh and squint a lot, I think I'm still a young, rock and roller. (this is where my kiddos snicker)
As I'm typing this the kitchen radio is singing to me
...the heart of rock and roll is still beating...
I've got my shoulders "going" - if you can't figure out what that means I'm just plain sorry for you.  Oh yes, the mouth has that slight pucker look.  It just goes with the shoulders and dancing. I'm having fun.

AZ has been setting its own records with record number of freezing nights.
The front and back yards look like a camp out with blankets, sheeting, tablecloths, towels and sleeping bags draped over frost tender plants.  The rest of the neighborhood is similarly decorated.
That's okay, I know several of my beauties didn't make it but we gave it the best try and we just go on planting.  Besides, we'll be 70* in a day.

Wishing you a rock and roll day. 
Would you share with me if you dance, pucker and feel COOL?


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

I'm smiling so big right now...what a fun post. Welcome home---it is cold, isn't it! Up north we are leaving the water dripping all day and all night just to keep from freezing up. The fountain at the Temple is solid ice...burrr...

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh you've taken me back to when I saw him in concert. Happy memory!

Have a lovely winter wonderland weekend!

the conleys said...

i ALWAYS think of you when i hear huey :)


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