Monday, December 10, 2012

A Peek At My Slowness

 A little too late, again, in November I potted my narcissus bulbs for Christmas.  I always say if they bloom late it's very fine with me because I have something to enjoy in January when all the Christmas decor is put away.  I still feel that way but I think I will really try in 2013 to plant my bulbs in early November.

 Dear, dear friend Becca sent me a beautiful bunch of freshly picked pomegranates from her own tree.  It was shortly after my broken, dislocated elbow so it was even more appreciated...a real pick-me-up.
I decided to dry most of them to use in decorations.  I've put together a Christmas kitchen table centerpiece with them and will hopefully get that photographed and share soon.

 Yes, I'm so slow getting the house decorated that I include hanging kitchen towels "decorating".  Silly but I know I'll get it done by tomorrow.  How's that for putting out some positive commitment.
Wishing you a JOYful day.


Trevlyn said...

Beautiful! I'm sorry your healing has been so slow-going, but your brave face is inspiring and I LOVE that you blogged! :)

Anonymous said...

I think it's the age thing -- it takes me more time to heal from things then say 10 or so years ago!!
Thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers..
Hugs -- Happy Holiday..


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