Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas 2012

Here are a few peeks at the 2012 Christmas decor.  Kitchen table.

 Reindeer salt and peppers.  I tell the "grands" that the reindeer with its nose up is the pepper as it got pepper in its nose and is sneezing.

 9 feet of memory ornaments.  Oh the stories I could tell.

 If you look closely dear-ones you'll see some you've gifted me with, thank you.

 Good thing we had a little dinner party last night so the dining room table got cleared of all the wrapping supplies and card addressing central.

 A look into the family room down a few steps.
  "Wise men still seek HIM" 
 is left up year-round since I love the inspiration it provides.

A corner of the kitchen bay window.

In the family room. You may be able to notice my "grands" tree with all 12 names on stars..

Family room fireplace, mantle.

In front of the fireplace.  The cats are more than fascinated with this and I cannot leave it unattended.
This was one of several Pinterest inspirations.

Mr. and Mrs. Claus painted by my grandmother Martha Floss R. G.   What a treasure to have something she painted.
This is the BEFORE picture of the dining room table.

 I will try to get some pictures of the living room where I have several nativities.
Sending love and wishes that your Christmas is not running you ragged 
and that you find time to ponder and delight in 
the miracle that is
C H R I T M A S.


Isabelle Thornton said...

This is so warm and inviting!!! Beautiful job. Your tree is so intriguing with memories... I love the quote wise men still seek him. I need one :). Merry CHRISTmas my dear!

Trevlyn said...
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jody said...
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Teresa said...
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the conleys said...

i looooooooooooooooooove all of the decor. homesick again!!! just beautiful!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

A home as lovely, inviting and warm as the owner herself.

May the beauty, peace and joy of the season be yours all year long!


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