Saturday, December 3, 2011

Thrifing Finds This Week

. . . or at least some of them. It's been a successful week or you may see it as a week of waste. What's your opinion on my purchases.

As a big time pie baker I am drawn to rolling pins. I have too many but in my defense, I am giving some away and I will have many grands to teach and share with. These green handles won me over before I negotiated the $1.00 price.
Come on...To Sir, With Love.
Sidney Poitier!
Lulu. (I dare you to click)
Those school girl daaaays, of telling tales and biting nails are gooooooone . . .
. . . are you singing along with me?
Such a good movie, story and the music is simply great-another $1.00 find.
I guess my age is showing with an oldie like that.
My little copper colander with riveted brass handles and feet. No the apple and avocado I added. Isn't it bright and shining. It's making me smile when I walk in the kitchen and see it on the counter. I think it was $3 something. It's a Goodyouknowwhat find.

This gorgeous, gorgeous footed silver tray is killer, heavy and makes me chuckle with the engraving from the B'nai B'rith association to their past president. I'm going to have fun with this G find.

Silver deer candle holder from G for 69 cents. Love it. Just in time for Christmas. Yes, an even better look at my tray. Under $10 at G.

Silver bowl. Glass crock with cookie cutters inside for $2.00 and the silver candle stick. Maybe the candle stick below, $3 was the 1 purchase I could have not made but did. It will polish up nicely and look pretty in a Christmas vignette.

2 pieces of vintage luggage.
I got them @$9.00 each.
Don't say anything bad about my business dealings.
I'm polite and respectful.
If I offer less and they don't hesitate to accept we are both happy.
Thanks KMS for the heads up on the sale in the hood today. Too bad KMS doesn't blog so you could see her thrifting finds; she scored!!!


Julie Harward said...

BIG TIME SCORE if you ask me! the tray and I love rolling pins too! How fun to bring home such goodies! :D

Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Wow...great "finds." Also, your Thanksgiving and fall decor is just plain lovely...excited to see your Christmas pretties..Have a lovely day!!

Teresa said...

Reminds me that I need to go take a looky at my thrift store soon.
Love the silver stuff and the luggage great prices....
Happy Day!

kms said...

Great finds!
I'm so glad you enjoy the hunt as much as I do.


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