Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Feeling Old

Time to put away the Thanksgiving decor.
It was a little hard for me to get all this out and up since our temperatures stayed so hot.
It just didn't feel fallish.

Thank you dear Trevlyn for this darling new wreath. You treat me so well.

If you can see the acorns under the candles I'm happy. I literally picked them all up from a parking lot in Oregon after Ben and Amber's wedding reception a year ago. I packed them away last year and when I got them out all the nuts had separated from the caps. Welcome Elmer's glue. All back together and looking good.

Found the silver candelabra at Goo*dwill. Yes, I've become more than smitten with old silver.

I got around to arranging all this after I took this pic!
The brass urn was also a Goo*dwill treasure.

I had bundles of twigs on both this mantle and on the piano. I was quite a sight on my morning walks in the neighborhood as I picked up fallen branches and toted them home. KMS caught me once...I'm always good for a laugh.

This container usually holds my old, wooden croquet balls but switched for little pumpkins for October and November. Notice my dear Pilgrims on the left. Hand made by KMS and loved.

And why you ask am I feeling old...I don't have a housefull of kiddos to help take down Thanksgiving and redo with Christmas decor. I miss their help but mostly their loving company.

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Teresa said...

I know how you feel- but it does look so lovely.
and Man you have some great "goodwill" stores there- great finds.


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