Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Christmas Gift To the World


is Church’s Gift to the World

Wow, I'm loving the video's depicting the life of our Savior.

What a Christmas gift I feel this is to me and I'm passing it forward.
Go to (click link below)


to see the available videos.
What do you think?

“We intend for these videos to be used freely by individuals, families, and groups,” said Elder Lynn G. Robbins, Executive Director of the Media Services Department.

“We want to help our own members strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and we offer this freely to other churches who may wish to use these videos in a similar way. The message of the Lord Jesus Christ needs to be shared as widely as possible throughout the world.”

1 comment:

Julie Harward said...

Yes...and what a gift! I loved the devotional on Sunday and these videos are a God send! :D


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