Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hanging with . . . Part 1

This is my PA bunch of grands.
We think we are so funny . . . and fun . . . and we are!
L to R: Ella Grace, Asher Jensen, Grammy/me, Beckett Charles, Jackson Ashby, Parker Addy.

Before the silliness began.
Aren't they just adorable.
Noticing how Asher just puts his arm around Beckett on his own. Such love.

Parker turns 10 later this week! So very smart and hard working. Happy Birthday sweet Parker with love. Hope Mom remembers where she put that present I left behind.

Eight year old Ella with her daddy's brown, curly hair and loving nature. Such a cuddler and affectionate girl.

Jackson is 6 and though the coloring is not like his daddy...his demeanor and compassion is just like my son, his Daddy-Jesse. What a strong and righteous boy.

Asher is 4 and lives with gusto and enthusiasm. He's the one that ran at full speed and planted a big kiss right on my mouth...just about knocked me over...really! Wouldn't that melt any grammy! He along with Ella and Jackson were the early morning cuddler's in my bed.

Beckett "the baby" will turn 2 the first of the new year. I haven't been in his life much so I was really working to win him over. Made much progress. He let's you know he is a big part of this family and that you hear him. He is so worth hearing too.

Oh my, just posting this and adding my comments has me all weepy missing them. I can hardly stand it until next summer when Jesse's 5 long, long years residency program for Ear Nose and Throat is over and he's a practicing doctor out west and we can all be together more.
May the time fly quickly and safely for all.
Grammy loves you grands.
Big hugs and kisses.


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Good morning, Mary Sue;
Isn't it's so hard to both come home without them and have them leave after a visit. My daughters are always so sweet wanting to wash sheets and towels before they leave...and I won't let them - because it gives me something to do to keep busy after the house gets all quiet and still...surely wouldn't trade the visit for anything though...know what you mean about the residency...our kids were only gone for 2 1/2 was long..but, now they are back and it's great!! hold that thought!!

Teresa said...

You have beautiful grandchildren... At this stage of our life....seems there it is full of good byes....not fun. Hope your kids find a place close by when he finishes school.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Julie Harward said...

Such cute their faces and just how did you do that..get them to all look like you! ;D


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