Thursday, November 17, 2011

Hanging with . . . Part 2

Since I was in PA for the big 11/11/11 date Christie and I decided to raise our arms or in my case my fingers at 11 a.m. to celebrate. I don't think Beckett had any idea what was going on but we have included him and this will go down in history...maybe just family history.

Christie made it much more fun for him.

We went "downtown" for a little shopping/thrifting and parked under this gorgeous tree. Remember, I'm from AZ and autumn trees are a BIG DEAL to me.

I was thrilled that once again Christie drove me over hill and dell or is the dale to the Farmer's Market. I LOVE that place. And wouldn't you know I forgot my camera. This carrot shot I had Christie take with my cell phone. I don't even know if this picture really captures just how gigantic these carrots were!
And yes, as usual I was my chatty self and adoring the Amish man and wife at the cheese counter again this year. Christie told me of him a couple of years ago and he did not disappoint. Blonde hair cut just the the Dutch Boy on the paint can. Pale skim with intense rosie cheeks and in his full tradition clothing, hat and all. And he knows his cheese and I asked him all sorts of questions and I sample almost everything his has to sample. Don't worry, I didn't shame the family but bought much also. Jesse and my favorite is the horseradish cheese and Christie likes the smokey cheddar and we all enjoyed the mild baby Swiss. I hope they remember the asiago I left in the refrig to compliment some buttery pasta.

I chatted with another Amish about cooking today and found out that she too makes beef and noodles with beef shank and serves it with horseradish. She topped me though when she said she grows her own horseradish and makes her own sauce. That is such a favorite old-time dish Mom use to make.

Precious family all ready to leave for church. I'd say we had about a 20 minute drive to church, in the beautiful countryside much of it along side the Susquehanna River. Rather historic church-wise.

I took this book and cd set with me to PA. Pumpkin Soup, read a review here.
We read it together many times and it is delightful. I loved the illustrations. I hope they are playing the CD in the car as any trip seems to be some distance out where they live and I hope this story will remind the grands of my love.


Teresa said...

There is nothing like being back east for beautiful fall colors-
Sweet Happy Day

sylvia said...

It's nice that you got one last trip out there before they head out west. I'm glad you had such a wonderful visit. I sure wish my kids' grammy could come visit us.


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