Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Home Again, Home Again . . .

What can you say about getting to be with your son and his beautiful family . . . wife and 5 grands. It was a great time full of love, activities, bed buddies and cuddling, beautiful fall country vistas, eating too much, many readings of Pumpkin Soup and even a morning of being the (grand)Parent helper in Jackson's class.
I took a few photos and will get them posted in the next day or two.
For today I'll share these:
I found this inspiration on Pinterest....oh I do spend a little too much time there but love it for the ideas, recipes and inspiration. This Christmas inspiration I LOVE.

This was the chair I needed in PA. Wouldn't this be great for a grammy!

And this is one of the thrifting treasures I found at Good*will the week prior to the PA trip. This is one heavy, heavy pan. I can see a Dutch Baby baking in it!

I've never made a paella but maybe this pan will coax me into that dish.
Any of you have a tried and true paella recipe you want to share with me?


Julie Harward said...

I am so glad you got to go and "get your fill" of love from your family. I love this rocker, I need one too! Love the pan also, very nice. :D

Teresa said...

Grand children are the best- and we were enjoying ours at the same time =)
Cool find....


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