Thursday, October 6, 2011


I wanted to share some of the images/graffics/quotes I've found recently.
I like to have positive reinforcements, affirmations around me to motivate and uplift me.

Note: I'm not a fan of the C.R.A.P. word but I'm still sharing this.
Hope I've not offended any of you . . . sincerely.

This is a quote I loved from General Conference last weekend.
This was a statement from a Christian woman's blog that was quoted and I was thrilled to see some talented person had already made a graffic and posted it.

This statement shows true maturity and control.

I want to live this.

Do you want to share with me any of your affirmations?

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Julie Harward said...

I am just loving all of these, so many everywhere now. All our lives my fridge has been full of uplift me and my family! My favorite is the pictures of Jesus and it says, you are never alone. :D

Trevlyn said...

These are all wonderful! Thanks!

sylvia said...

I loved all of the quotes. Also, I'm so glad that you found your picture files - what a relief!

Angela said...

Love those MSK! Even the C.R.A.P. one. :) Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

that devil one is hilarious!


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