Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lincoln City Beach

*Note: Thanks for your suggestions and concerns friends. I found my Oregon photos. Somehow, I can't remember, I must have uploaded them and not to any usual place I find My Pictures. Anyway, I was shock, tickled, and considered it a blessing.

Sisters Cindy, Jody and I made a fast but fun trip to the beach last month. We have old, family memories of this beach and staying at the Ester Lee Hotel so we did it again. This is the view from our room.

Jody relaxing in the hotel after a drive late in the afternoon.

Cindy relaxing too, Jody in background by the open window. We were all enjoying the breeze and that fabulous sound of the surf.

We met up with niece K.K. and her beau Matt.

Matt, K.K. and Cindy
Thanks K.K. for treating us to our room. It was generous and sweet of you and we really cherish our memories.

We're giggling as I'd just ask Matt to take the picture in such a way as to make us look 20 lbs. thinner. We think we're so funny. We really laugh a lot and over such silly things. It's great therapy.

I'm totally in love with the hydrangea growing outside the restaurant.

At the restaurant there was a door right by our table and outside was this seagull keeping an eye on us for quite awhile. It finally dawned on me that it was perhaps expecting me to come outside and share some of my lunch with it.
I was more than happy to oblige this bird. It was brave, bold and fast...that beak nipped me a few time.
I love critters.
I love sister trips (that also goes for sister/cousins)

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Teresa said...

Oh I miss the beach.....your pictures make me what to take a trip.
Looks like a great time.

Jody said...

It was a great time!


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