Friday, October 7, 2011

I Donate

Slowly I am sifting through much "stuff".
I ended up with a good load yesterday that I took to Deseret Industries.

My original plan was to drop off donations then drive home . . . but
I pulled around to the front of the store and went inside.
I found treasures.
The above is a bread machine-my exact model that I've loved and used for years.
Remembering a daughter wanted a bread machine I purchased it
for $7.00!
I'm doing a test run this morning to make sure it works properly and so far so very good.
How would you feel getting a used something as a Christmas present????
Also gots:
Pyrex white 9" pie pan
(lots of pie making goes on here during Thanksgiving
and Christmas and I don't want to use metal pans)
miniature A and W root beer mug (any of you old enough to remember that)
citrus juicer
and a few more little gems.
It's worth a trip if you have a DI (as it is fondly called) near you.
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Jody said...

SCOURED! I don't mind hand-me-downs one bit. Don't even have to know the original owner. Who cares it's a gift. love ya

the conleys said...

i agree jody.. and THANK YOU mom!! i cannot wait to use it. and jared cannot wait to eat the cinnamon rolls i've promised to make with it :)

love you!


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