Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Some Oregon Photos

My first week Cindy and I drove around doing some shopping (food for our share of the meals at the cousins gathering) and checking out some of our old stomping grounds. This is the first home SLK and I bought. Tyler was born when we lived here and we added the covered porch on the upper left. This is a better paint color than when we lived there.

Just down the hill from our house was Mom and Dad's house. Our homes were the same floor plans, tri-levels. Dad's flag pole he installed is missing and it also is a new color-guess those 1960's colors needed updating. Cindy's house was between these two homes and yes, it too was the same floor plan. It was a very popular design.

Our first weekend found us traveling to Lake Billy Chinook/Three Rivers for our annual cousins gathering. It was also the Hood to Coast Run and it was thrilling to see the runners...

and their support teams waiting and cheering them on.

Big gathering of support vehicles here and runners waiting to start their legs of the long journey.

I never, never get tired of viewing Mt. Hood. Simply gorgeous!

When we got on the other side of Mt. Hood we started seeing smoke. Something was definately on fire.

Alot of smoke.

We were even seeing flames in some areas.

I can always imagine my boys fly fishing along this river whenever we go by it.

I love seeing the agricultural activities and guess it reminds me of our "farming" days in Joseph, OR.

Each year we take this route and I love the smell of the onions growing and seeing the crops of carrots grown for seed and the fields of mint.

We cousins are gathering and we are all the grandchildren of these precious, dear grandparents...Albert and Flossie. My photo of a photo of them on their wedding day. Oh how beautiful I think they are!!!

We gather once again at the beautiful home of Skippie and Garry. What generous and fun hosts.

The view from their deck is very smokey. Very. We can't see Mt. Jefferson that is such a grand view from this point. During dinner ash from the fires started falling on us and our tables and food. I've never experienced that before (we were eating outside).

We had so much fun chatting and sharing family stories and memories.

More of us chatting.

Below - L to R: Dolores, Merlin, Tammy, Bob, Skippie, Cindy and me.

Missing of the cousins: Jody, Dick and Steve.

Right after this photo was taken we all sang In the Garden which was one of our grandma Flossies favorite hymns.

Dolores brought many family photos, most of which I had never seen. She let me borrow several for copying and you kiddos can expect your own copies. I find this an incredable treat and hope you do too. I'll share more of those photos in future posts.

Right after we left this fun gathering the road/highway we drove was closed for a few days due to the fires. The fire did a lot of damage and lasted several days. I'm glad we got out safely when we did.

We certainly missed the cousins who weren't with us!

Oh, I got the computer fixed today. Hurray!!!

That's why I'm able to share all of this.


Julie Harward said...

Sounds like the most fun gathering...I enjoyed my ride along with you! :D

Teresa said...

Oregon is beautiful, everytime I go visit my daughter I just love it.
and Holy Cow ash falling on you...crazy....hope they got the fire under control.

Trevlyn said...

Fun to see the old homes! They look great! Yay for a working computer! Bout time! :)

Dori Knight said...

What?!? What about picturing your sons, son-in-law Jared, and two youngest daughters fly fishing? We're all big fans!

Looks like you had a blast and I'm glad the computer is fixed!

Jody said...

Yeah so glad you are back in business. Miss ya

MarySue said...

Yes, Dori you are right. I stand corrected...I'm actually sitting corrected. And now that I think about it, I'd like to fish with all of you!


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