Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Big Fan

I have always been a big fan of befores and afters . . .

. . . of any kind,

make up, hair, yards, any room of a house.

Recently Kathy S. told me about the bog

and look what I found there!!!!



And for only around $80!!!

Check out the blog and you can see photos of step by step process and also how they also decorate the mantel for the seasons.

Love that too.

Love sharing.


the conleys said...

gorgeous before and after. also, love the blog below. fun to see a photo of him all geared up :)

love you!!!!!

Julie Harward said...

I will go take a look...I love the before and after too! ;D

Teresa said...

Love before and afters too- and I love their site!
Happy Day


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