Friday, September 30, 2011

Oh No!

There is a little devastation going on here, right now. I just hooked my camera memory card to the computer to upload the rest of my Oregon vacation photos to blog...they are NOT on the camera.

Maybe I've made a mistake and I can "find" them somehow.

Did I erase them accidentally when I was still in Oregon?

I took pictures of old family photos my cousin brought to our Cousin Fest 2011. They are/were priceless.



Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Oh, no....I'm going to be thinking of you!!!


Cindy said...

Oh No is right. Hopefully you can find them---or else you will just have to get back up here and we'll do it all over again!!!

Teresa said...

Oh no...something that you might try...on the side or top of your memory card is a very tiny little {slide like button} sometimes by mistake I push it when I take it out of the camera....and it looks like the pictures aren't there when I go to load....but if you slide it back they should all be there....if that was the problem.


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