Friday, July 1, 2011

Camp Grammy - Friday Recap

I was up and outside before the rest of my gang and here are a few things I enjoyed.
After I challenged Jake a couple of weeks ago to hang up his swimsuit and pool towel better he has really proven himself. I got a big laugh over his expert job here.
Here is H's towel after coaching from Jake. So fun!
Here are the rinsed tie dyed shirts. I also washed them and then dried them. Models in shirts later.
Another new sunflower to greet me. The bees are loving them and O and I had a great time watching the bees and their pollen laden legs on the flowers.
Breakfast, after a quick trip to Circle K for milk,
morning swim
then Tessa arrived and we were off to the Children's Museum of Phoenix.
It was a grand time.
Back lit sand play.
The noodle forest is always a favorite.
Another vroom.
Oops, did we wonder into the little kiddie area.
Drums in front of a mirror so I'm actually in a picture.
O was a natural at serving foam ice cream cones.
Back for another romp in the "tree house". I loved this huge, winged tub.
We picked up a lunch at Sonic then headed home. All loved grilled cheese.
And all loved their own creative shirts.
Afternoon and evening swims. Grilled burgers for dinner then more games of catch and racing around the pool.

I've also gotten them hooked on playing dominoes. H and I even called Uncle Jesse tonight to hear him tell of his time on his mission in the Dominican Republic where a night out for the locals consisted of dressing in their best, going out onto their own front porch and playing a wild fashion. To each his own.

Happy day, msk


Jody said...

What a great fun and learning day. I tried just from reading all that you are doing. Can't wait for you to come and lay around and read a good book. Hugs

Cindy said...

Wow, how lucky you and the grands are to have each other (yes, somewhat envious!). The museum looked like so much fun. Watching your HEAT, looking forward to your coming here and relaxing, cooling off, and "being in the present". Love you, Cin

go boo boo said...

We miss you so very much! I love all of the pictures and recap! You are the greatest Camp ever!! xoxo Annette


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