Thursday, June 30, 2011

Camp Grammy Continues - Thursday

Our morning started with some projects inside. First . . . Happy Birthday Annette,
here are your long distance cards from your boys.

Even before the card making each had completed a Lego car kit. Clever guys.
We met Trevlyn, Jake and Tessa at the theater and watched Cars 2. All seemed to enjoy it a lot but I thought it really was advanced in plot and a lot would go over the heads of the young.

We brought the 2 extra darlings home for our big attempt at tie dye shirt making. I know we did make a big mess. We are instructed to keep the shirts in plastic over night so tomorrow will be the big unveiling. Here are the white, rubber banded shirts.
This looks like carnage . . . and it may be just that.
Our "kit" didn't have enough rubber gloves but I had extra . . .
and who could have guessed the great fun and laughter they provided in the pool. If you have a pool or enjoy someones pool, get these gloves and be silly.

Another swim after dinner tonight then the big scorpion hunt with SLK. Report: saw 3 got 2. They are writing in their journals as I type then prayers and off to bed. Me too.
Happy day, msk

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the conleys said...

such great memories these kiddos are having at camp grammy!!!!!! looks like a blast..



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