Monday, July 11, 2011

Camp Grammy 2011 - Let's Wrap This Up...Finally.

Camp and the fabulous grands are over/gone. I'm left with fantastic love, memories, photos and

this very slow, frustrating computer.
The darling parents and little sister P (along with one of their nieces) arrived. We were all very excited to see them. All the more people with which to have fun!

Watching July 3rd, yes, 3rd fireworks in the neighbors yard.
Still lots and lots and lots of swimming only now there were plenty of life guards on duty. The kids love the "action" shots.
Niece C in all her 4th fun.
Tessa in her Camp shirt. She's still wearing it ALL the time. Makes me so happy.
Backyard sparklers before we left for firework display.
Watching the Peoria Sports Complex "works" from the hood of the car. Not quite the grassy, cool evening I think most of you experience on your 4th. I commented that I just might decorate with all the red, white and blue in November when it is cool. Hey, I'll even grill those ribs too.
Here are the die-hards that went for the sparkling experience...of course I'm behind the camera.
Grammy could not pass up the glow in the dark halos.
This photo does not do justice to the Andy-Against-Everyone water fight. It was so fun and that Andy held his own.
Little grand P found her special bag awaiting her and a Camp Grammy water bottle too. Look at that smile on O in the background. Oh I miss those smiles.
You have no doubt seen the national news reports on Arizona's haboob - mile high, 2 mile wide dust storm. We got hit at our house but not has hard as the east valley. Notice the finger wipe on the patio table.
Pool in process of being cleaned.
The top of the portable fire pit.
Plastic patio chair.
One of the patio tables and this one was undercover of the patio so was a little more protected.
New Subject:
Thank you Julie Harward!
I made her cinnamon roll cake recipe; she has outrageous recipes at her blog.
Here it is just out of the oven before the glaze went one.
I polled the AZ grands and got 4 double thumbs up for this recipe.

It's a new week. Sunday fortified me. I so appreciate the Sabbath.
I so appreciate you. Wishing you a . . .
Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

fabulous photos!!!!! oh this looks like such a great time! wish we could have been there.. love you love you

sylvia said...

Camp Grammy looks and sounds like a blast. Tessa is really cute in her tye dye shirt.

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, wow what a fun, fun time you all have had, these kids will never forget it! Glad you liked my cake, we make it all the time. I have tried to find you on FB and can't. It may be the way our privacy settings are set...but go to my blog and just click on my FB badge on my sidebar and it should take you right to my FB site! I hope!!! :D


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