Friday, June 24, 2011

It Begins

A summer vacation with H and O! Today our son Andy and the boys drove to Kanab where the hand-off to SLK took place. What a long drive for all concerned but especially the grands.

They arrived here around 9:30 p.m. Tired, but when I asked them if they wanted a night swim before heading to bed there were two big smiles and enthusiastic yes responses. It's about 95* outside tonight and the pool temp is 80*. I think they were pleasantly surprise...

...not as surprised as I was when these boys started swimming. Both are on swim teams and I could really tell they have been perfecting their strokes. What fish.

I hope the daily posts will help keep A2K updated on the boys activities and me busy making sure all have a grand time.

Happy day, msk


Christie K said...

wishing my girls could be a part of this. Does Grandpa want to meet me half way in Oklahoma?

the conleys said...

so fun!!! love that they can come and play. I know they love it. wish I was there to join in!

Cindy said...

What fun!!! Have a good time with your "grand boys". I just checked the temp. on your side bar and it says 105 at 8:42 am---YIKES. Can't wait until you get here--sunny, but cool and green Oregon. Hugs and love, C.

sylvia said...

That's so fun to have those two boys with you!


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