Saturday, June 25, 2011

It Continues - Saturday

I think the grands are still on Utah time and woke up at 5:30 AZ time. Not a problem. We went outside to check out the new day and I saw that one of my sunflowers was finally opening.

So fun.
Fun for the grands was a quietish game of catch with velcro pads and ball.

Tessa was a bit shy and just watched but that shyness wore off quickly.
A quick breakfast then the morning swim. It felt so good.

Next on the list was a trip to LaMar's for donuts then over to Trevlyn's to help with their big house move. These buddies tired quickly, understandably, so SLK and they went home for another swim and movie while I tried to help/arrange/move furniture etc.
When I got home we started on some "projects", Camp Grammy Journals...
Each picked their own paper and worked hard for these fun results.

Oh yes, I am having them journal each day. If they don't appreciate it now they will later although there was no hesitation to pick what color pen they wanted and write.

Hopefully making their own, personalized water bottles will make it more fun to keep hydrated during this HEAT WAVE we are having. It's a doozie but the kids don't mind it like adults.

They want to go swimming again but I played the heavy and said it was too hot and that we'd have to wait until later. In the meantime we put together puzzles,
and played hide the're getting hot...
Must start the brain thinking about dinner...I know, you other grammy's would have had that decided and prepped by now but I'm a bit slow. I'm glad the grands don't realize it.
Happy day, msk


Jody said...

I love your big sunflower!The color is beautiful. Also love the journals. What a wonderful idea. sorry it's tooo hot to go swimming when you're hot! A perfect sunny day in Oregon! Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

We love the customized Camp Grammy branded everything (water bottles, journals), brilliant. Fun times.


the conleys said...

I, too, love the customized Camp Grammyness. Pretty impressive!!!!! Lucky kiddos. Looks so so fun. You're wonderful. Love you so much.


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