Friday, May 6, 2011

Recovering Kitchen Stools

I've got two trusty garage sale stools with the drab green seat coverings.
Just why did I live with them this way for soooooo long???

How hard can this be - really.

I was calling Cindy at this point I take off the old before adding the new?

Rather lovely lines to this stool I think.
So neutral I can do anything with it.

Checking on positioning here.
I really, really like these tea towels from Cost Plus.

Calling KMS asking how to reload more staples.
Come on, I've reloaded many staplers; can this be any harder.
Guess it was . . . but wasn't in the end.
Feeling silly.

Ta Da!!!
I don't know if there are "rules" that say the designs should match
but my tea towels didn't allow a match and
I wouldn't have wanted a match anyway.
So happy.
So grateful.
Thanks for letting me share.
I haven't outgrown my kindergarten stage love of
**show and tell**.
Happy day, msk


Trevlyn said...

Holy Moly! Those look fabulous! Great job!

Emily said...

They look GREAT!! So you and so my mom ~ beautiful. I just re-covered my kitchen chairs too. I guess I need to post the pictures too. Doesn't it make it more exciting to sit in them now?? I think so. Love you!

Christie K said...

Those look really nice MarySue. Great Job!!

Amy said...

LOVE them!!!!!!

Allison said...

I need to come see your "new" house! The cabinets look great (I want to paint mine too), the shutters are darling and the chairs are gorgeous.

Cindy said...

Great job---really "freshens" things up!!!

kms said...

Saw them in person and they are GREAT! Love the fabric and how perfect it is with the new kitchen.

the conleys said...

I'm the EIGHTH commenter?! that must mean that these was an impressive makeover :) They really do look fabulous! Night and day. Nice work Mom!!

Teresa said...

They are adorable! Love them

Grapefruit said...

I've been thinking about these all day since seeing them in real life this morning. They are beautiful! I love the fabric you chose.

Thanks for the garden visit this morning. We both loved it. Jane's brought it up several times. At the end, I said, "I love Sister Knight." She sighed and said, "Me too."

Amber said...

These look wonderful!! So great!


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