Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I have the blogging blahs.

It's easy for me to get out of blogging mode when I'm away from the computer for a while. I just don't have much interest.

Do you bloggers get that way too?

This is my feeble attempt for today.

Here are a couple of cell phone pics of my pink nasturtiums . Since you dear sisters and cousin have been surprised to learn I have pink and not just the traditional oranges, yellows and reds this is especially for you . I know . . . cell phone pics just aren't that good. You may have to trust me that these are really, very, pink. Do you see that precious purple lobelia peeking at you? I love lobelia too.
Loving the pinks!
I planted a traditional package of nasturtium seeds
and then also some Cherry Rose nasturtiums.
Maybe the pinks came from that last package.

If you came by for "more". . . sorry.
This is it.
But for we Geiss-thumb-girls this is enough.

Note to self: when in Oregon this summer
purchase another package of Cherry Rose nasturtium seeds.
Happy day, msk


Julie Harward said...

Well..for cell phone pictures, I think they are really pretty! Thanks for sharing today! ;D

Trevlyn said...

I've just LOVED them! Hope you pick up a packet for me too! :)

Teresa said...

I know how you feel....but I keep at it {blogging} because it is my journal and a creative outlet.
Love what you do here.

Emily said...

Because of you, I bought and just planted some Cherry Rose!! Can't wait to see what comes up! I love, love, love pink! and LOVE YOU!!! (Mom and I got them 2 weeks ago for $1. a packet ~ Wish I knew you wanted more)...


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