Monday, May 30, 2011

Celebrating . . .

Memorial Day

Celebrating a little harvest of
flat leaf parsley

Brunch and a swim-Jake, Bryan and Morgan

Morgans breakfast "taco" of sourdough hotcake, eggs and sausage

Tessa and Morgan

Tessa wanted to do everything
just like Aunt Dori

Morgan mid-air

Celebrating friends but so, so sad they are moving across the valley.
Yeah for Mitchell. This guy gives thee biggest hugs.
Paige and Jane I will so miss you and all your sweetness.

Dori provided and arranged the centerpiece especially for this gathering.
Since dear friend Becca (and Matt too) is the one moving and she blogs at
look at this clever arrangement. Sooo well done Dori!
The lilies smell so great.

Old friends will be remembered as new friends will be made

Hi young friend Lily

Oh Megan, I will miss you.

Michael's post surgery leg. Heal well great one and
you'll be back on your mission in no time.

Wishing you all well and safe
Happy day, msk


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Hi, MSK...I'm hoping you can tell Michael to stay nephew was serving in Rome and had to come home twice for surgery on his knee..(slipped on some tile filling the font with buckets) it's really hard...but I'm so proud of them for wanting to finish their missions...It Can Be Done!!!
Love to all,

Jody said...

I so love the flowers and grapefruit. Well done dori dear! Would lovesd to have shared with the breakfast taco also. Good times, good company. Hugs


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