Monday, March 14, 2011


Is there anyone who doesn't love spring?
Here's my first spring tomato and it tasted
soooo good on my salad.
The sun is shining.
Flowers are just about in full, radiant bloom. Just the lobelia
is behind schedule and that's due
to it's late planting...I couldn't find any, any 6 packs or
single pots and I wasn't going to
buy a half flat.
I just planted some lobelia a couple of weeks ago
and their vibrant purplish hue is just showing itself
to my delight.
The bird songs are as glorious as can be.
Thanks to Trevlyn I've learned to identify many bird species
and their songs which make it even more enjoyable.
Thanks Mary Trevlyn.
And this weekend SLK and I transplanted
one of my potted lemons, the Lisbon lemon.
It was really hard work and just about put SLK out of commission.
Lemon blossoms slightly scenting
if you get your nose up close.
Soon the neighbor's big citrus trees will perfume the air
and make me giddy with aromatic delight.
You will find me standing in the backyard
doing my deep breathing...usually in the evening.
Also this weekend I planted
4 more tomato plants,
4 zucchini plants,
7 foot long row of sunflower seeds that grow
to a height of 6 feet-seeds from friend Michelle A. thanks,
3 dahlias,
5 feet of poppy seeds I brought home from Jody's
garden last summer
and lettuce and spinach seeds.
Wish me luck. I'm hopeful and will
keep you posted. I know, you didn't ask to be
kept posted but I just assume you do
since you're here reading.

Okay, anyone here reading???

The bumbly bees seem to single out my pot of
French lavender, so much so that I am thinking
about moving it away from the Arcadia door (okay...sliding
glass door. Soon I will not have to tell you, right?)
And a very, very familiar but unusual spring sound
is still the constant neighborhood re-roofing noise.
I'm grateful for my new roof.
I'm grateful for my home.
I'm praying for all the people in Japan and especially those
who have been impacted by the earthquake and tsunami.

Let us not under estimate the power of prayer.

Wishing you a day of gratitude...
...regardless of springing or blustering.

Wishing you a day or week of adding to your
food storage and
emergency preparation items.
No matter how small.
store what you use.
Finally finished.
Happy day, msk


Bob & Marilee Neff said...

Good Morning...yes, I'm reading...just usually don't comment...we are having beautiful weather here in the White Mountains...trying to get a few of the beds cleaned off before the wind starts..daughters and grand-daughters coming on Wednesday for Spring Break...can't wait. We hope it will be lovely weather so the little girls can play in the yard and playhouse. Sure do enjoy your blog...thanks!!

Jody said...

I guess I will just have to make due and smell my daphne odora plant that is ready to bloom that smells like orange blosoms to me. I do have all my garden seeds but I'm afraid spring is still too far away to plant here in Wilsonville. In fact the chickens are starting to quack from so much rain! Love ya


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