Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Am Begging...

...from up on my soapbox!
Yes, I am begging you to do something. Not for me. For you...and the ones you love.

I was going to send this out in an email to all my precious children with a copy to sisters and cousins. They may not have wanted to even open said email since this is not my first begging.

I understand how kids can be ruffled over parental begging. Been there. Maybe not ruffled, maybe slightly irritated. Only slightly. Then often I ignored.

No big news flash...we are living in times of great change, turmoil in governments, natural disasters, financial and economic upheavals.

We need to be educated. We need to act. We need to be calm, directed and purposeful.

Here is one source of my education, the blog Totally Ready.

I read it often, not always but I'm starting to be more diligent. I am begging you to please add it to your favorites or follow it. Please.

Then please read it.
Educate yourselves.
Decide what is most important for you to do.
Discern for yourself.
Do not expect someone else to take care of you.

Secondly, I have usually changed the t.v. channel if I come upon Susie Ormand (I'm not even sure of her name spelling). Not this time. During the PBS financial drive she has a program called
The Money Class.
It's really, really good. Worth your time. Begging again.

" below your means but within your needs". I hope that is the accurate quote.
"Live within your own truth".

Get tough and avoid the fluff.
Avoid some of your favorites...whatever that may be, how you spend your "extra" time, what you spend your money on and get at least a 3 month supply of food and necessities. Work on building up an 8 month financial reserve. Yes, 8 months. Got to start somewhere. Be prepared...all we boy scouts.
Educate yourself. Don't expect your spouse, parent, guardian, boss etc. to do it. You do it. I do it. Now.
Begging again.

Okay, I'm through. Do you still love me (kids)?
Will you do it (anybody)?
Who wants to kick the soap box out from under my feet :)

Happy day, msk


Jody said...

Go Gett'em Sister!!! Thanks for the kick in the butt! Love ys

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Ok, I will get over there and read that blog right now! :)


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