Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Another Jiffy Trip

Made this on trip.

Yes, another one of our marathon trips up and back to Utah. But so worth it - as they always are. We drove up on Friday, celebrated D.O.D.'s 90th birthday (SLK's dad) and spent as much time as we could with our kiddos and grands on Saturday. Delightful. Delovely. Then changed our plans to stay for Sunday, attend church with our gang and left instead to get ahead of a rather big snow storm on Monday. Sadness.
front l - r: Shauna, D.O., Christie
back l - r: Scott and SLK
What a handsome/pretty family. I'm sure Mim/Marjorie would be proud of all of them.

I'm a fan of vintage(ish) nursery prints, books. Isn't this darling...
and I found it on flannel.
No doubt I purchased it to make more flannel baby blankets
for grands yet to be.

With 2 days driving up and back to Utah I almost finished 2 blankets and double matching burpies for each.

I loved this cotton crochet thread in luscious caramel.
Pretty shell design was just right stitch.

License plate print flannel -

with star reverse. Crocheted with nylon thread in a stitch that has a double half crochet as part of the pattern and I never remember how to do that. Took me so long to figure out something rather simple. Simple me.

Matching burpies. So pristine now only to be used to sop up burp-stuff.
It's a good thing.

Would you like to share what you do while you're traveling?
I'd like to know.

Happy day, msk


Emily said...

LOVE the vintage print. That is one of my favorite artists. I have a book w/ a bunch of their pictures - absolutely priceless! Beautiful job Aunt Sue. Love you lots!

Amber said...

Love the prints! You do such beautiful work! Glad you had an enjoyable Utah weekend. Now back to the warmth! :-)

the conleys said...

had such a wonderful time with you! and those turned out beautifully!!! sorry we didn't have time for you to teach me..

love you so much

sylvia said...

You did such a beautiful job on those blankets and burpies as always! The vintage print is darling and the license plate one is really cool. Now just for some grandkids to give them to :)


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