Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ONE...of My Favorite Meals...

...and so easy to make.
Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes all boiled together in your dutch oven or largest kettle.
Jody tried it in her slow cooker this year. Jody, what's the verdict?

Irish soda bread studded with either currants (dried) or raisins. Slathered with butter. Shivers.

I never remember eating this as a child and don't think Mom ever made it. Early in marriage I came across this meal and recipes while reading one of my cookbooks...still a favorite reading pastime reading cookbooks and recipe blogs.

I've added a link to my soda bread recipe on the sidebar on the right.
Just click photo and you too have the recipe and can make it.
You'll like it as much as my "clan" does.

And if you need encouragement to make this dinner...

just do it (swish)!

Just follow instructions on corned beef bag.
Easy peasy.

Happy day, msk


Cindy said...

I just did corned beef and cabbage in my crock pot yesterday---fantastic, it almost melted in your mouth and so easy!!!
Loved your flowers too, thanks for sharing. Hugs, C.

Jody said...

The crock pot was a success! So easy to put in before church and have it ready by dinner time. Did bisquits instead of the irish bread. Love it and you too! Hugs

MarySue said...

Oh the joy when both of my beloved sisters comment on my blog. And yesterday comments from our second generation; wow. Now I'm feeling loved. Thanks ladies. I'm so glad we're FAMILY.

the conleys said...

oh this looks so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!

Mandy said...

I do have to say it was a most delicious dinner. I love St. Patty's day dinner.

sylvia said...

That is my favorite meal of the whole year. I think I especially love it because it reminds me of Jody - the very first time I ever had it, Jody made it for St. Patty's Day.


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