Monday, January 24, 2011

Welcome to my laboratory

I've found some rather outdated items in my storage...baking powder with an expiration date of 2003 and 2005. Yikes, I forgot some of this hidden "stuff". I called the 800 number listed on the container and asked if there was a way to test for viability. My CSA had to put me on hold and look it up. She came back with this info I think I should pass along:
Mix 1 t. baking powder in 1/3 c. hot water. If it bubbles vigorously you're okay. Of course I had to test several containers and then test my "current" b.p. to see just how vigorous it bubbled. I'll tell you that a vigorous bubble will rise up in the measuring cup.

I'm tossing out several containers of b.p. and grateful it's not a pricey item to replace. I'm trying harder to be "on top" of my storage. I'm one of those BAKE FROM SCRATCH gals so I do need my b.p. and soda. I will add that I used a can of diced tomatoes in a soup last week with an expiration date of 2008 and they were just fine so be careful what you pitch too.

Thanks Jake for picking lemons for me. The bowl content is getting lower. Yesterday was our Great to be Eight event at church and several lemons were sliced into the water crock. I also baked the Para*dise Bakery sugar cookie recipe with a bit of a change and will post that soon. Gladly I used the "good" b.p. and they all turned out well.

And here's a morning photo I took last week of my pretty sunrise. Just wanted to share some of my Arizona Winterness.

Happy day, MS


Amanda said...

Corben loved the lemon in his water and asked if I could do it for him at home sometime! He kept saying that it made the water sweet! I had to keep telling him no sour oh yeah thats right mom he's say!

MarySue said...

Amanda-I will miss you and yours much when you move. Only consolation is you'll be in Trevlyn's ward and I know I'll see you there. I'm so glad to hear that about Corbin and the lemons. Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

I totally can't wait for your lemon paradise recipe complete with your "tweakings".

Jody said...

Oh my, I would have surely lost a bet as I thought that direction was West. Now I know. Love ya

the conleys said...

I think of you whenever I use my "clabber girl".

The photo of the backyard is incredible!


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