Friday, January 28, 2011

The Good:
Sunny week in the low to mid 70's. Blue, blue sky. Flowers blooming. Dead-heading with joy. Lemons, grapefruit and rosemary from Trevlyn. Secret delivery to my front door of a large bag of oranges. Ahhh, citrus. Survived my dental implant. Flower bouquet and visit from Natalie and her little Sienna (I may have misspelled her name). A grand upstairs tucked into bed for a sleepover tonight. We made rice krispie treats together. We laughed at AFV together just like her mommy and I used to do. Love laughing and smiling...even it it adds to the wrinkles.

The Bad:
Computer unable to connect to the Internet since Monday. My complete shock as I tried yet again tonight to connect. I haven't been able to read your fun blogs. Couldn't blog myself or read emails. Just thought I'd better get this out to you so you'll know if another abrupt end of blogging. The rice krispie treats are hard as rock...and I know better.

The Ugly:
I'm thinking I might be too dependent on my computer.

Happy day, msk

1 comment:

nlybbs said...

Aren't we all a little too dependent on the internet? Happy that it's working for you today! I can come try to figure out what is wrong with it, if you want :O) Kids are loving the movies.


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