Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Farmer's Market That Wasn't

Recently I was feeling a need to take advantage of this great Arizona winter. After an online search I decided to contact a few ladies and see if any wanted to go to the Cave Creek Farmer's Market with me.

I really like the C.C. area and it's a rather short drive from my home. I had 4 "takers" that ended up being only 2...dears Cheryl W. and Kathy. We drove, chatted and chatted and chatted. We were to find out that the market was cancelled that day instead was an Art and Wine Festival. We decided that we'd each shell out the three buck fee to walk around the public streets and look at art. Hum.

It was fun and I did my usual amount of oooing and aaaaing. Just how do you spell those sounds anyway. Anyone? Anyone? Shades of Ferris B. ;)

The gals seemed camera shy so here are the photos this one who wants to be a better photographer but isn't progressing in that area took.

Love just about any water feature I see. Loved the hugeness of this one and awe, the sound. This rock wall was probably 20 feet high.
This looks just like any kitchen shelf and I have much of those contents...only this is a painting. This artist was one of my favorites. Oh I have too many favs.

I wish the shadows weren't on this grand display of blown glass. I blew me away.

A close-up. Luscious, delightful.

I really appreciated the artists talents in most of their individual booths.

Sorry that the tent reflections got on this painting. The artist surged toward me and told me he did not want me taking pictures of his works. I felt a bit sheepish and said I could respect that. I meant no harm but he didn't know that. Yikes, I do not like confrontation." Backing away. Backing away" (from Into the Lions).

These 2 photos are from another fair down the road and my cell phone camera. I really, really, really like French table cloths and these imports did not disappoint. I wish that man hadn't stepped in right when I snapped.

Wonderful native American music and then dancing. I love this.
What a treat to enjoy friendship, outdoors and window(less) shopping. Feeling grateful.

Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

LOVE the Ferris Bueller reference :)

LOVE the kitchen shelf painting!!!

love you love you and your wonderful girl friends. wish I could have been with you three.

Amber said...

That sounds fantastic! I am happy to hear you taking advantage of a wonderful Arizona Summer. Lucky Duck! :)


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