Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Still Having Fun

We got to have the three grandboys for a sleepover. We ate, we watched The Sound of Music, we goofed off and just plain had fun together.

In the morning while I was fixing them all breakfast, funny Aunt Dori was applying her eye pencil in a rather clever fashion. Two of the three went along with her fun. Makes me laugh.

We took them to see the movie TRUE GRIT. SLK and I are old enough to remember watching the original with John Wayne and Glen Campbell.

If I were a movie reviewer I'd tell you this new version is really worth going to see on the big screen. It deserves its PG-13 for violence and language...there, you've been warned.

As if we haven't done enough cooking, eating and clean up around here...Dori and I decided to have more kitchen fun together...and cooking with my girls is fun for me. I grabbed the camera...I don't know, feeling artsy, bloggy.

Be prepared if you make this for a lot of hand washing...thus I removed my rings.

Isn't that a gorgeous bunch of freshly picked rosemary from Trevlyn's garden. Love it. Thanks sweet girl.
4 lb. pork loin, roasting pan and rack. My pan and rack are rather old and inferior...but they work.
You get to make this wonderful, aromatic rub with kosher salt, olive oil, thyme, rosemary (all fresh or dried) and lots of minced garlic. This is a Paula Deen recipe found here; Trevlyn's been making this for quite some time now and it's always a hit..

Let the rubbing begin...and more hand washing.

Dori made the vegetable side dish of brussel sprouts...with just a "HINT" of bacon. We got this recipe from Linny. Recipe here. We did not shred our sprouts but halved or quartered them depending on their size...just an FYI ;)

Out of the oven and resting. The herb crust was so good.

We made mashed potatoes to accompany and tossed in 4 large cloves of garlic and a large sprig of rosemary to the cooking water. After cooking we removed the garlic and rosemary, added way too much butter and mashed by hand.
My trusty W.W. veggie soup recipe is on the horizon.
Happy day, msk


Amber said...

Sounds like fun and sooo yummy! I think I will try that brussel sprout recipe. I will convince Ben somehow that he like brussel sprouts! :-) Thanks for sharing and so happy you had such a wonderful Christmas filled with family! Sending our love to you!

Audra said...

YUM! I am hungry just looking at the pictures. Travis and I saw the movie too. I liked it and he loved it. It was more funny than I thought, but BLOODY gross. Love your food and I can't wait to copy this meal someday soon.

Julie Harward said...

Hi there, sounds like you have been having so much fun! I had all ours for a sleepover too. I want to see that movie also..and the food looks so good to me! It's all so wonderful isn't it?! ;D


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