Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Poinsettias Galore

This past October when I was in Oregon
for Ben and Amber's wedding reception
Jody and I spent an afternoon at Al's Nursery. This is a favorite place and it was all decked out for Christmas and gorgeous.
I took a bazillions photos and then ended up deleting most of them.
There must have been 50 varieties of poinsettias.
Here are just 4. Hope you enjoy them.
I can not get too much of anything floral.

Tessa, grandgirl is here for a sleepover and she helped
Aunt Dori make a yummy batch of guacamole.
We'll share that soon.
Happy day, msk

1 comment:

the conleys said...

gorgeous photos!!!

and guac sounds so yummy..



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