Sunday, December 26, 2010

Images of Christmas

So many but not all of the nativities are sturdy and kid friendly.
I love that the kids want to handle them.

Here's "our" garland Skippie (bought last January at Hob*by Lob*by at 75% off...
my favorite way to purchase decorations.

Our new star this year on the "grands" tree is grandson Beckett - our even dozen!
Alot of food prepping going on.
Entry table. "Old Father Christmas" was handmade by Jody and his sack, backpack is a
former maternity dress both she and I wore.
Stitchery from Trevlyn that I so admire and appreciate.
Aunt Dori passing along the tradition of making pomanders to Tessa and Jake.
These smell so good and looked cute as part of the centerpiece.
Becca's cheesecake...oh my it was lovely to behold and eat.
Sorry I didn't get a picture of Trevlyn's coconut cake, equally lovely.
My green beans were not a hit with the kids who put very little green anything on their plates.
This was the first year we've had a "kids table". The Mr. and Mrs. Claus were painted by my grandmother in the early 1950's.
Cutting up the ham for Mitchell and Jane with Becca letting me ;)
Our after dinner program participants: Megan on violin
with Becca accompanying (Jane danced a bit).
Paige sang oh so sweetly.
Jake read the book "The Three Trees".
Bryan entertained us with his great piano playing.
Tessa recited a poem.
My favorite nativity. SLK put Tessa's pink sunglasses on
the camel which was rather fun.

Thank you friends and family for the cards and letters.
Each was read with smiles and gratitude.

"Such a big Miracle in such a little child."

Still sharing many memory ornaments and loving
what each brings to mind.

Front step decorations since nothing can be hung on the door (bummer).
Not at all ready to put any of this away. Savoring it all and
the sweetness of family and friends.
Happy day, msk


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