Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What a treat I had today,
my friend Becca, who blogs at
who IS The Daily Grapefruit
and her four darlings,
and Jane
were my guests this morning.
Under the pretense of harvesting pumpkins
they came; I hope they
weren't too disappointed in my
scrawny crop.
Knowing what an AWESOME photographer Becca is,
I asked her to bring her camera
and skills which are superb.
Photographs at The Daily Grapefruit.
Thank you kids for your sweetness to me.
I love you always but especially at Primary
each Sunday.
Thank you Becca and Matt for befriending
someone not quite in your age bracket.
Thank you for your blog Becca that never fails to
inspire, cause big smiles and often tears
of emotion.
And yes Jane, you must come again, soon.

P.S. Kids, you are all getting so brave with
He will win you over to being dog-lovers.

P.S. #2 Kind readers, when you check out Becca's blog
will you please leave her a little comment. Thanks. That's very nice of you.

Above photo of Kirby snatched from Becca's blog....is that legal? Are WE okay Becca?
You will let me know. I'll pay so I can use all your pics. Really.
I am totally picture challenge.

Happy day, msk


Grapefruit said...

Tonight at dinner as we did the nightly round of "What was your favorite part of the day today?", EVERY SINGLE child (and myself included) answered, "Going to Sister Knight's house!"

Sorry the pics didn't turn out better. I should come again w/o the kids so I can focus better. Oh well. They're still fun to look at just for memories sake!

Thanks again.

the conleys said...

I love my Kirby!!!

thanks for the fun photos, Becca :)

love you mom..

Frenchy said...

I will go say hi !
Merry Christmas !


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