Monday, September 27, 2010

Is this just an excuse . . . to eat candy???

I like to share with my kids and grands things about my dear mom. Mom passed from cancer at age 44 years YOUNG. I feel they really missed out on a fantastic "grammy" with her love and great qualities. So, I fill in with my memories.

Mom really liked Almond Joy candy bars. And I never turned one away either. I like these mini packages, just the right size.

Here is the crystal biscuit barrel I inherited from Mom's sister - my sweet, fun Aunt Max. It looks like a candy jar but is the very British biscuit barrel that I use as a candy jar. Are you still with me ;)
My grands know I usually have a little something sweet in here for them. They usually always ask for permission to indulge but very occasionally I'll hear the lid clinking as it is carefully lifted and returned. It makes me smile thinking a grand thinks they are being sneaky.

I had grands for a sleepover last night. . . the bed bug horror is still at their home with treatment scheduled for Tuesday. I'll be lucky to have my beds full of another kind of sweetness for a couple nights. They didn't find the new candy bars last night. Maybe tonight.

I will certainly tell them more about these two great woman in our lives. Feeling full of love and gratitude. Many blessing to count.

Wishing you a . . .

Happy day, msk


Trevlyn said...

I think I remember you mentioning that she loved wonder we do too! I bet those kiddos will hone in on that sweetness pretty quickly! Thanks for coming to our rescue! Love you!

Julie Harward said...

I love these candy bars to and so did my mom! I love to have candy in the house to share with my grands too! ;D


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