Thursday, September 23, 2010

1. It was squirrels that invaded our garage. They even chewed a corner of the wood side door for easy access. They ate food storage, books, stored bedding and pooped and piddled all over. SLK put out rat poison. Not a good idea since one died, major
and then the quest to find it.
All squirrels gone though Kirby is still on his self imposed
squirrel patrol.

2. Cousin Skippie and hubby Dr. Garry were in town last week and we spent many hours together. They have made the fantastic decision to be
It was great fun house hunting though we were in a heat-wave and broke at least 2 record highs. We are tough. They got a great house and it will be fun to see
El Decorator
put her touch on the abode in Sun City Grand. This photo of us was taken while hiking is Sedona this spring.
3. Darling daughter Dori has a blog. It's called Teaspoons and Tunes. Check it/her out by clicking on blog above and I know you'll want to "follow" so go ahead and click that too when there. You know how much new bloggers want followers :) Today she's telling about our fun girls upcoming Judd's concert together. FUN!!!

4. After first deciding to pass up the garage sale across the street from my house last Saturday I finally decided to check it out. This sewing machine, a White was priced at $20. I just walked away and went home.

After 5 minutes I got a twenty dollar bill, crossed the street and purchased it.

No regrets. My neighbor said she used it twice. The sales receipt for $144.00 was stapled to the instruction booklet. So far I've done a straight stitch, zigzag and blind hem. Is there anything else I could possibly need. NO. I'm feeling good about this
thrifty find.
5. Do I want to mention a scorpion ran by my bare foot this morning and stopped 12"s away. Let's just say I did what I had to do and dispatched the bugger.

6. Should I share that the temps are coming down. Hanging in there and running the A/C alot still. Grateful. Should be another great winter and you know you want to come stay with me.

7. I could also share that I got an mini trampolin...sort of.Long story made short, yesterday I had a molar extracted. Big, curvie roots. Tooth broken to take out in parts. Chipped part of jaw bone off. Much bone grafting. Many stitches with black silk thread...thus it looks like a mini trampolin. Little swollen. Not much pain. Eating on left side for two weeks. Eventually a post implanted in my jaw and then a new, functioning tooth. I'm tough.

8. Doing a lot of training through the Boy Scouts of America for the Cub program I'm now involved with through my church calling. Maybe, just maybe some day you'll see me in my uniform :) SERVICE IS A BLESSING.

That's it for now. Had to give you a boatload of info since I can't count on a good computer connection/experience. Remember I'm always wishing you a...

Happy day, msk


Jody said...

Wow you've been so busy it made me tired just reading all of it. I love you!!!!

MarySue said...

Thanks sister. Love you right back.

Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Wow that's a lot of action! Love the deal with the sewing machine! Glad the scorpion did not get you!!!
Sorry about the squirrels...I know how you feel. In our first house, we had an invasion of mouse and they got to out food storage and peed, pooped, ate everything and i was frustrated, discussed and powerless...we got some dead ones too that stunk. Then we got a cat....but it was not enough...So sorry...I'll check your daughter's blog of course and i love you and thank you for being a blogger friend.


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