Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Heads up smart shoppers!!!

Right here in AZ I found Utah peaches on sale for 57 cents per pound at Sunflower Market. After several days ripening on my kitchen counter we are enjoying such sweet goodness ( I love my big, wooden bowls for ripening). This market's sales run from Wednesday to Wednesday so you actually have today and tomorrow to pick some up.

I think I'm going back and buying a box of this delight. Tessa loved her bowl of fresh sliced peaches with her cereal for breakfast this morning. Such a healthy, yummy breakfast for our kiddos and grands.
And those big tomatoes will be devoured soon too. I try so hard to let produce ripen since you can be sure most is picked green and you need to give them time to get to that peak ripeness, sweetness and goodness in flavor.

Happy day, msk


the conleys said...

peaches sound amazing right now, what a great deal!

I love the Almond Joy post below, too. But let's be honest, I think I'd rather have Almond Joy slices on my cereal in the morning.


Nancy said...

oh we had the best peaches last week, I seriously don't think I've ever tasted anything that was sooo good before, amazing! I'm glad you found some in AZ, and for such a great price too! Thanks for stopping by my blog Mary Sue, you're my favorite blogging friend!


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