Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is our new side door. It is yet unfinished, unpainted. In other words, this is the BEFORE. Knowing how slowly I get most home projects done I won't commit to an AFTER reveal. The installer told me to wait until after Halloween or in other words when in cools down.

It will be painted black like the front door with creamy white trim. The black paint will also caress the white light fixture...I did request black but...well, you know.

And why do I have a new side door you ask. We've had our own man versus wild going on at our place. Today is a busy day so I'll tell you the rest soon. The cement blocks in the photo are to keep the wild out but that wasn't enough.

Happy day, msk

1 comment:

go boo boo said...

If you had done black, it would fade before your eyes (sun facing), so good choice. My front and side door have literally been primed for 5+ years, so sad. Maybe this fall!


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