Saturday, June 12, 2010

Do I Have An Announcement???

This week I purchased a stack of baby food.

I crocheted the edges of this blue flannel baby blanket and two matching burpies. This cutie is covered with napping ducks and the phrase All Duckered Out. I really like the polka dot reverse side.

And I finished this already started pale, pink flannel blanket and burpie. The color is much prettier than the photo. I had it stitched with a double row of hemstitching which I usually only do on the all white blankets that are used on our grandbabies blessing days. It's just so baby girlish.
So what could my announcement be...
I'm drying herbs from my patio, pots garden. Here they are hanging from the Kathy shutter-shelf. Parsley, no Sage, Rosemary and Thyme. Are you singing along?
I much prefer to store my dried herbs in glass jars and the baby food jars are perfect. I'm rather heartbroken that so much of baby food is now in plastic containers. But then, I'm rather anti baby food from the stores and preferred to make my own "in the day".
You who know my kitchen well may notice the new little rooster on the right side of the shelf. After stating numerous times
I've added yet another. It was a thrifting find yesterday. It added a POP OF COLOR (yes Cindy, I still disdain that term but it works so often) that was needed up there. And at $2.99 I splurged. I was afraid to wait until Senior day and get 25% off for fear it would be gone. I know you understand.

SLK and I made a trip to Californ*ia last week end for the funeral of a most dear friend Richard. The crocheting is always something I do while traveling. I feel I am being productive and with the way the arthritis is creeping into my hand I feel I need to get some blankets made in advance of more grands.

I will be sharing photos of Richard's services, Linda and their 3 beautiful daughters and the funeral soon.


Linny said...

You announcement trick really threw me. Seriously. ha Love you

Julie Harward said...

I too love to have lots of those blankets on hand. Good idea about how to store your herbs too (I didn't use store bought baby food either!) The camp in the below post looks like lots of FUN! :D

Becca and fam said...

You had me laughing. Baby food jars are useful things, really. I love to crochet at night, it helps me relax, it's a great thing to do on airplanes and such.

Cindy said...

I love your chicken, all of your chickens are quite tasteful!!
See you soon, C.


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