Friday, June 11, 2010

Two Parts

Part 1:

This is so funny to me-several commented questioning what is a corn stick pan from the previous post. It's just a darling pan you bake your favorite corn bread in. Turn the finished product out and they look like corn on the cob.

Hope that clears up the questions and I'm really tickled you asked!

Part 2:

Today was the first day of:


This camp idea has been "brewing" for a couple of weeks with notes jotted and purchases tucked away.

I only had 2 of the 4 local grands but went ahead. We started with dinner and a sleep over, first chapter in the new John Grisham juvenile novel Theodore Boone Kid Lawyer. This will be fun to read. Watching part of the Disney Davey Crockett movie and a night-time swim. Sorry I hadn't taken the price sticker off!

Morning started with early birds and my plan was to have a cooking lesson and then eat it for breakfast. These two did it ALL. Learned a lot too. We made a very old favorite, Refrigerator Bran Muffins. I'll put the recipe on Knights In The Kitchen. These grands give it their approval.

Clean containers ready to fill with this mix for refrigerating and baking during the next week. So handy and convenient.

You can be sure part of the cooking lesson includes the clean up lesson!

A tad pale but moist and yummy.

A very rare cool morning made it imperative that we breakfast outside.

These are not only loaded with bran but the grands chose to add sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and raisins. I'm so glad they will eat all that goodness.
I wish you could hear Miss T doing the countdown then yelling Cannon Ball as they run and jump. Funny thing is she starts swimming lessons next week and is already such an accomplished swimmer.

Being a grammy is just tops!! I feel so blessed.
Best get my act together for the next session of Camp Grammy. I'm wondering who's loving this more???


Linny said...

So fun to see these pictures! Wish I lived closer to join in... Love you.

MarySue said...

Linz: We could have Camp GrammyLinny!!!

Trevlyn said...

They had a BALL!!! You're the best and we look forward to all the awesome activities you have been planning! Love ya!


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